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The purpose of the portfolio carousel is to display the latest portfolio item images. You can either display all the items or display the items from a specified category. How to create the portfolio items is explained in both sections Portfolio Showcase and Portfolio Gallery.


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You can enable Cufon font replacement by setting “ON” in the “Enable Cufon for headings” field. When Cufon is enabled the selected font will be set for all the main headings, and for the headings this font will be used with higher priority than any font settings set in the below section or within the style.css file. With Cufon enabled, you can still use Google or standard fonts for the rest of the sections.


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If Cufon enabled, you can select either one of the fonts that the theme goes with (in the “Heading Cufon Font” field) or upload your own font within the “Custom Heading Font” field. The font to upload should be in JavaScript format and you can generate this JavaScript file on the following page:




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